RECONSTRUCTION Terminal roofs T1 and T2

Hamburg Airport

Flughafen Hamburg GmbH
Service phase
2 - 8
2019 - 2020
Renovation of terminal roofs T1 and T2 Hamburg Airport GmbH

In 2018, Hamburg Airport commissioned the PGL to completely refurbish the terminal roofs T1 and T2 as well as the Airport Plaza. The specific challenge of the renovation was the special construction of the roofs. These must move when the temperature changes and thus meet all the associated technical requirements.

Our experienced team successfully and timely implemented the refurbishment work under the highest aviation security standards during ongoing operations.

Among other things, the following
measures were carried out:

Dismantling and renewal of the skylights and the standing seam covering T2

Installation of maintenance walkways including rope safety systems

Anti-corrosion measures and renewal of the pigeon deterrent system

Replacement of broken windows at Airport Plaza and T1

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