Rehabilitation of Ludwigslust Hospital

Evangelical Hospital Ludwigslust

Westmecklenburg Klinikum Helene von Bülow GmbH
Service phase
1 - 8
2009 - 2022
Redevelopment of Ludwigslust Protestant Hospital

The listed building complex of the Evangelical Hospital Ludwigslust, Bethlehem Abbey has been successfully managed by the PGL in various projects since 2009. In the course of fundamental renovations, the entire building facade was extensively renovated by 2013, as well as the 21,510m² floor area. After the successful expansion, it now has four main departments with around 160 beds.

By 2022, the Langos planning company had also made successful, floor-to-ceiling adjustments to the room plans for medical requirements, taking into account the existing hospital infrastructure. Multidisciplinary use of operating rooms were also conceptually adapted. In addition, the existing ZNA was converted into an INZ with a focus on hygiene regulations for, for example, infectious diseases caused by a pandemic.

The renovation measures included:

Renovation of the listed facade

Renovation and constructive reinforcement of the ceilings

Barrier-free replanning and redesign of the interiors

Implementation of the belt protection concept

Excerpt of further projects

■ Flughafen Hamburg GmbH, Hamburg

■ Zollfahndungsamt, Hamburg

■ Upper Eastside, Berlin

■ Alten Wall 55 , Hamburg

■ Evangelisches Krankenhaus Ludwigslust

■ Bundeswehr Universität Helmut-Schmidt

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