Office And Administrative Buildings

Planning and construction service

Deconstruction of an approximate 15 meter high roof structure while simultaneously adding another office floor with modern and up-to-date office equipment and communications infrastructure.

Change of utilization of an existing apartment complex into administrative offices.

Construction period: from 2013 – project is ongoing

Target value planning for a modern administrative building with an additional increase to a total height of 51 meters. Optimal utilization of existing building space in the commercial and core areas.

Conversion and renovation of an existing office and commercial property in Hamburg’s prime location done in multiple steps. The conversion had demanding fire prevention measures that were implemented mostly during normal building operations.

Re-design of the glass facade covering multiple floors. Done in accordance with energy-saving regulations as well as sun-protection requirements in connection with the restructuring of the computer workstations.

Establishment of warranty land registry for this structure built in 2008/2009, consisting of: five offices and retail units, a senior residence and a train station including outdoor facilities. The total land area was 13,500 square meters.

Inspection of deficiencies including their documentation; contractor requirements with deadline setting; determination of warranty; control and acceptance of construction protocol and coordination of experts’ services on the removal of deficiencies.

Commercial and office high-rise, with specific escape and rescue route as well as fire protection demands.
Implementation of partial changes and new concept for floor-plan composition.
Total renewal of roofing completed in accordance with energy-saving regulations and the new standards for wind and snow loads resulting in reinforcement of the existing load-bearing structures.