Construction of a new vehicle depot for emergency vehicles and the expansion of the current psychiatric department to the existing hospital infrastructure. Noteworthy challenge was guaranteeing the fulfillment of modern medical technology to building control system (GLT).

Standorterweiterung Krankenhaus

Construction of a new hospital wing with seven departments, about 140 beds, a pharmacy and an industrial kitchen. Implementation of a functional connector to the listed (historical) building, as well as disability access to all individual units was realized. Renovation of the existing structure in accordance with legal requirements of historical preservation.

As of 2002, further improvement of infrastructure; however, no new construction but rather an upgrade of existing buildings with change of utilization and construction measures. All implementations were done in compliance with the administrative group of protestant hospitals, Stift Bethlehem and the Kreiskrankenhaus Hagenow. An environmental planning challenge was the re-structuring of the heating and energy supply of both hospitals.